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Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day y'all! I'm celebrating in true MUA fashion and literally becoming one with nature! Sustainability and eco-friendly are among the top reason I support a company or buy a product. Here's some of my favorite brands that saves the planet AND pretty faces.

Sunset model Alexis White
Used: Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer in Gold Stone


I cannot rave enough about Auric Cosmetics, this is my favorite, luxury makeup brand. If I'm going to spend money I want it to be beautiful and check all the eco-friendly boxes. From the jump, they state they are about Conscious Quality:

"We utilize ethically sourced raw ingredients and recycled materials. We are prioritizing long-term-use packaging that is refillable or reusable, and short-term-use packaging that is easily recycled."

And they walk the walk, teaming up with Pact to make doing our parts and recycling that much easier. From the stunning Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer formulation, the luxurious and one of kind products like the Plush Ritual Ceramide Lip Treatment with its JADE lip applicator (so cool right?!) and the fabulously recyclable packaging made with working makeup artists in mind, all their ideas really do seem to be made of gold.

Versed Skin


This company sets the bar SKY HIGH and really holds a mirror to themselves, instead of just the consumers, taking accountable and by calling out greenwashing. I like that I can support a company that, not only provides great and affordable products, but they also want to push past being just sustainable and actually bring about a positive change for future generations like carbon insetting instead of offsetting, using post recycled plastic for packaging and even thinking about reef safe nano tech sunscreen!

Versed takes it one step further with their Recycle Responsibly program. You don't even have to find a bin, they'll send you a prepaid shipping label and all you have to do is mail in your recyclables! I'll be sending in my empties and I'll update y'all with a haul blog soon! Can you guess what one of the products was? *Hint* It #SavesPrettyFaces

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