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Managing Your Skincare Expectations

Let's change how we view skincare "problems"

Trust me, I WANT to be you Estie Fairy Godmother and wave a magic high frequency wand and fix all you skincare problems. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Here are some tips to remember when you find yourself wishing the hyperpigmentation away instead of putting in the work for #DreamyResults

If you're a picker, you need to break this habit first. Results are usually directly related to how well YOU take care of your skin. Some tips to stop the pick from a rehabilitated picker: use your tools. Ice globes and acne patches are your best friend, just make sure to wash the globes after every use. Next, don't throw all your products at the blemish! I've seen people panic and use all their masks because they "needed to do SOMETHING". This "something" causes inflammation and will create even more damage. If you are feeling like you absolutely have to do something, book an appointment with a professional!

Consistency, consistency, consistency. I cannot stress enough, that it does not matter how luxurious the facial, how amazing the laser treatment, how wonderful the dermaplane was, you have to have a consistent homecare routine. I also stress that it doesn't have to break the bank but, with this being about managing expectations, a general rule of thumb: the more intense the skincare problem, the more expensive a product will probably be. Don't worry though, a good esthetician will tell you what to save and what to splurge on.

Before and After of Hyperpigmentation
Left 2021/ Right 2023

Hyperpigmentation takes TIME.

Weeks to months, and normally its the ladder.

We need to remember that PIE (Post Inflammatory Erythema) or PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) is caused by trauma, and the natural healing cycle takes around three weeks depending on health, age, and depth of trauma.

Stressing about the blemishes will just continue to make it worse, so let's change how we view the problem. Acne at least means the skin is FIGHTING. I tell my clients, the real issue comes when the skin stops trying to do its job at all, meaning stops producing oil and starts loosing elasticity. Acne being present may be annoying and painful but we can at least control it with different methods. When the skin stops producing oil or any reactions, there's not much we as estheticians can do and that's when I recommend going to the medical professionals for advanced, but more expensive and possibly invasive treatments.

The same goes for pigmentation. HYPERpigmentation means the skin can at least produce melanin and still heal. HYPOpigmentation means the skin there has essentially "died" or can't produce anymore melanin.

One last note on the topic of acne: remember life simply happens. You will touch a dirty surface and then accidentally touch your face, traveling may set your skin off but your job requires it, you get licked in the face by a very cute, but dirty puppy, and a whole myriad of other situations can cause any number of skincare problems. Don't stress over it and don't fixate on it. You'll be amazed by what the human body can heal when you just let it. Of course, facilitate the healing process by using things like vitamin C, brightening ingredients, peptides, and of course SPF. #SavesPrettyFaces

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