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We need an Esthetician Barbie!

Spa Barbies

Barbie has been around since 1959 and since then has been to space, ran for president, became a vet, but has some how never been an Esthetician?! The Total Hair Barbie is their top selling doll of all time, coming in at 10 million dolls sold world wide, so why not have an Estie Bestie Barbie? With all the craze around the pink icon, I wondered, "What would Barbie look like as a skincare expert?"

I think as a women of STEM, she'd become more of a medical or master Esthetician. She'd build her own brand centered around Hydrafacials, chemical peels, dermaplaning and laser services with a focus on educating clients. Some perfect examples would be The Dallas Esthetician or Tiara Willis. She'd start a podcast called The Pink Routine and add it to her already popular Youtube channel. It would focus on Client Q and A's, a beginners guide to the pink routine, and she'd share her opinions on new and upcoming beauty trends.

Savanna Boda The Dallas Esthetician
Savanna Boda: The Dallas Esthetician

Since she would be performing more intense services, she would formulate her own skincare line based on blending professional grade technology with a holistic approach. Barbie is all about being cruelty free and having sustainable packaging, but of course everything is pink, pink, PINK. She's a beach babe, so her first product would be a reef safe and no white cast friendly sunscreen because of course we're all about #SavingPrettyFaces

We've gotten the official body care routine with Truly Beauty and Glow Recipe gave us a Barbie edition of the cult favorite Watermelon Glow Pink Juice. So we know Barbie is focused on hydration, brightening, and acne fighting. Based on that, here's what I think her drugstore skincare routine would look like:

Estie Bestie Barbie

All of her skincare services and beauty business would be done at her beach side spa. I've made a Barbie Spa Room Look Book that you can find here along with all the products and even more beauty tips and inspo on The Makeup and Skin Pro pinterest.

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