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An MUA at IECSC NYC...and alot more abbreviations

Well, maybe just a few more. I'm currently typing away after an amazing International Esthetics Cosmetics and Skincare convention, letting my skin recover with a M.A.D. skincare mask and contemplating how in the world I'm going to add P.M.U. to my list of professional titles. As much as I love travel, trips stress me and my skin the hell out! Here's a quick look into what I packed and what I picked up at the show.

"We're all MAD here" and honestly, that couldn't be truer. I'm head over heels and continue to fall down a rabbit hole for what MAD skincare does for my skin, so it's no wonder most of my travel kit consists of their products. First, a staple of mine has become the brightening cleanser and spot on target brightening serum; helps against pigmentation that will inevitably come up caused by travel stress and environmental acne. My skin likes to leave marks over ANYTHING: too cold, too hot, too windy, too dry, too humid, don't let me accidentally scratch myself, I swear if I blink wrong there will be a mark! Second, plane air makes my normally dry skin start to produce an excess of oil very quickly and this makes me breakout. I use the daily breakout moisturizer to control that sebum production and calm my irritated and active skin. Third and, as always, my go to drugstore brand, Versed Skin: the dew pointe moisturizer is so soothing and hydrating and the guards up daily sunscreen (not pictured) is my absolute favorite SPF: never burns my eyes, always looks good under makeup, and it doesn't leave a white cast (even when applying the proper "two finger" amount). Fourth, travel will also cause psiaris flair ups all over my body and this Mountain Thyme Honey and gifts relief balm has been a life saver! Plus, we love to support small business and save the bees!! Finally, the makeup eraser towel is simply a must because gorgeous, gorgeous faces take off their makeup and a fun little face mask and a bougie lash serum just enhances the travel experience.

At the actual show, I attended an array of classes, and I'm so excited to announce that tattooing and lash extensions are something I'm looking to add to my services. A goal of mine for 2023 has been to build a skill that I've been intimidated by and the permanency of tattooing and the patience it takes to lash are what I've decided I'm going to conquer. Lash extensions will be offered first, as I would like to get a permanent makeup certification and I have several schools I'm currently interested in; blogs or vlogs to come when that happens!

Thank you so much to everyone for being so patient as I reset my business after a whirl-wind move. I feel so re inspired and I can't wait for yall to come on this journey with me. Remember to put on the most important acronym: SPF! It Saves Pretty Faces.

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