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Beauty Prep for my Brides

day of bridal makeup application

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! If you're looking at this post, it's generally safe to assume you're getting ready for your big day. There's a lot to prepare and you shouldn't have to add stress breakouts or a beauty accident to the ever growing list. Here are a few practical tips and a basic bridal skincare routine that I've gathered through out the years to help my brides achieve dreamy results for their wedding day.

1. Prep your skin two to three MONTHS in advance!

Pick a basic skincare routine that you know you will do. Don't add new products in this time either. Remember consistency is key. Two to three months is normally when you see results for mild problems like small blemishes and random pigment or trauma. For those who are trying to manage difficult skincare problems like chronic acne, pitting and scars or hormonal acne/pigmentation, I recommend 6- 2 months in advance and remember DO NOT PICK! Let your esthetician, products and natural skin cycle do the work!

2. No intense skincare services one month before. This includes advanced and invasive services like chemical peels and micro needling. These services are recommended to be done 6-2 months in advance. Honestly, I'd even be careful about dermaplaning, nicks and accidents can happen by even the best estie and you don't want to have to add healing a cut to your bridal to do list. I do recommend hydra facial/ oxygen facials, they are great for bringing a glow to your skin without causing trauma!

3. Tell your makeup artist if you'll be tanning. Of course, they should have all shades in their makeup kit, but some MUA's (this one included) go above and beyond and make touch up kits with your foundation and powder shade, to make sure that your makeup stays regardless of whatever crazy wedding thing happens. I always keep an empty touch up kit just in case, but definitely let your artist know so they can plan to have their kits prepped and use the valuable get ready time on you and your wedding party instead!

4. When waxing and sugaring, one week out is usually a safe bet.

You want time for the skin to calm down and the barrier to heal before putting on wedding makeup. If you are someone who has fast hair growth though, refer to your specialist, but I would never recommend waxing 24 hours before!

5. Lash fills should be done around one week to 48 hours out.


If you've never had lash extensions before, I absolutely do not recommend trying right before your event. Try at least one month out, that way, if they aren't for you, you have time to get them either removed or they should have shed enough by the day of. I also tell my brides get them one week before because of other wedding activities where you'll be getting your photo taken that traditionally occur.


Please, please, please, apply sunscreen even if you're a winter bride! SPF is the EASIEST and MOST EFFECTIVE product when used consistently, so stay on top of it. UV Rays will effect you through snow, cloudy conditions, even if you're inside and you simply don't want to take the chance. PRO TIP: I like to leave some in the car too and apply on my hands and neck while driving.

Finally, for those type A brides who need a list, I've got you!

Here's my basic bridal skincare routine:


  1. Oil Cleanse

  2. Brightening Cleanser

  3. Hydrating Toner

  4. Vit C/ Brightening serum

  5. (Problem Targeting) Moisturizer

  6. SPF


  1. Oil cleanse

  2. (Problem Targeting) Cleanser

  3. Hydrating Toner

  4. Vit A/ Brightening serum

  5. Heavier Moisturizer/ eye cream

When you apply these tips and stay consistent, your day should run as smooth as a freshly waxed leg! Remember to not stress and re apply sunscreen. #SavesPrettyFaces

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