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Hello Sugar & Skin Spa

I’m so happy to announce that I’m now working at Sugar & Skin Spa! I‘ve actually been a long time client and I absolutely love the spa and I’m so excited for y’all to fall in love with it

as well!

Their motto is “Love your skin again” and let me tell you from my own personal skin battle, they live up to it! I hated my bikini line, and I tried everything. My journey with hair removal has been rough: I’m very ingrown and pigment prone and I’m a CAPITOL P- Popaholic!!!

Honestly, sugaring has saved my bikini line. It hasn’t mattered if I’ve shaved, soft or hard waxed, what type of exfoliation I’ve been using, I’ve always gotten ingrown hair, sebum plugs and folliculitis. My natural hair is also very curly so this, combined with my love for popping was a recipe for disaster! Carol and Kelsey and the wonderful estis of Sugar and Skin Spa saved me and absolutely made me love my skin again! Now, I can use my experience to help y’all do the same!

*Side note: IPL might be my next step after but, honestly, that’s if I have an ingrown problem again (which I doubt) or if I get some type of hormonal imbalance (which would be extreme) and between you and I ... I like my hair sometimes! #RealTalk

For my clients who already have product favs, the spa also carries Skin Script RX, but I'm very excited for all the new masks and some other special treatments I'll be able to bring to my facials. I’ll be bumping up the prices on my menu accordingly and adding sugaring and vajacial services to my menu!

I will still be providing my makeup services as well as adding dermaplaning, chemical peels and more once I also have my masters license. So stay tuned!

The spa is conveniently located located in Chesapeake, Va and all of the staff are so nice!

They are currently expanding and so until the grand opening, I will only be working

Sundays, along with some Thursdays when room is available! For a list of services, prices and policies, please visit Call the spa or book your appointment online now! I can’t wait to see y’all!

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