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We built this city on Ret N' Ol

We'll work on that title.

But honestly, rock stars absolutely have some type of Vitamin A in their regimen. This superstar ingredient helps your skin cells keep moving and grooving and producing elastin and collagen. It's like the worlds best Band Manager: If there's a fight, they'll sooth it, if there's a wrinkle or rift they'll smooth it, and if there's dark spots and bad press, they handle it. Period. In other words, it's what's keeping the band together. Now depending on if they might play oldies but goodies and classic rock, or maybe listens to pop punk and alternative, they'll definitely have varying types of this same ingredient. No matter if they just went platinum or are hall of famers though, retinol and it's many forms is the ingredient that's keeping them looking like never aging legends.

I'm currently enrolled in my Masters Program, so who better to ask then the people I'm learning from?


What's Your Favorite Vitamin A Product?

Jessie (Master Instructor) Pick:

Retin-A Micro


Skin Type: Dry

Why she likes it: It delivers tretinoin, the most potent form of vitamin a, in a microcapsule that allows for the skin to accept the ingredient better and so is better for dryer, more sensitive, reactive prone skin. As the head instructor, it makes sense she wants to go for the treatment that would sweep at the Grammys! She's seen what works and let me tell you, I'm starting to look for a Doc to get me my own prescription!

Sara (Assistant Instructor) Pick:

Skin Type: Dry

Why she likes it: Retinaldehyde is another vitamin A that is the strongest (non inflammatory) form you can get without a prescription and this is another product that uses liposomes to delivery the ingredients and so, again, is great for skin that tends to get irritated easily. Her specialty is chemical peels as well, and this product is great for prep!

Genesis(Assistant Instructor) Pick:

Skin Type: Combo/Dry

Why she likes it: This one has 7 antioxidants along with the liposomal retinal. She has more pigmented skin, and we do ALOT of treatments on her for demos and this products helps fight against PIH and PIE.

I also asked some of the professional instructors, assistants, front desk and lab techs what their favorites are as well and The Peoples Choice Award at Chrysm would absolutely go to the Osmosis MD Collection.

"...I like Calm by Osmosis. My skin is quite reactive and I don't do very well with most retinols." -Aleksandra (Professional Instructor/ Founder/Formulator of Masla Skincare)

"All of them are great, I like that they're all retinals, but it's a level system so it allows more people to be able to use it." -Brittany (Assistant Instructor/ Lab Tech)

For those who are wanting to ease even more into vitamin a's, notable mention goes to SkinScriptRX Retinaldehyde Serum. It's .1% retinaldehyde is the perfect amount to slowly begin introducing this to your regimen. Plus, it smells divine!

Be on the look out for an upcoming OTC Vitamin A review and Let me know what ingredients you'd like recs for next and as always wear that S.P.F. It Saves Pretty Faces!

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