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What's Your Beauty Philosophy?

When we go to look up how to solve our skin problems, the answers can be vast, confusing, possibly hypocritical, even coming from only professionals, each with differing opinions and all with the facts technically true. The information on ingredients is usually surface level. The guides on which products to get are based on unhealthy or unrealistic goals by an industry that simply wants to sell you things. We are always asked about our skin and beauty goals as a means to profit only, not simply as humans on this crazy journey of life just wanting to be comfortable literally in our own skin.

Y'all, we have got to start thinking about our skincare philosophy, morals, and emotional preference along with how the skin and ingredients work to get intelligent yet dreamy results.

When we think of the phrase "beauty" these days, we tend to think of it separately from the academic and fine arts. I believe because of capitalism, social media and our cultural standards, beauty has been watered down to mean a vapid hobby rather than the very powerful tool of transformation, persuasion, and creation that it is. There should be way more academic talks simply from how much economic power the industry has, but beauty now has a clearer path to how it ties in with sciences as well, via the introduction of careers like esthetics and cosmetic chemistry.

What I haven't seen much of presently is the cross between beauty and philosophy and I'm currently obsessed with and consuming all books and writings to give me a better understanding of the beginnings of beauty/ aesthetics and its impact on humanity since the start. This led me down a rabbit hole from Aristotle to Immanuel Kant and I've found that all these established philosophies and concepts of aesthetic concepts can be applied exceptionally well to beauty and a modern day take on ethos, pathos and logos to help select products and understand our own relationship with beauty on a deeper level. Maybe on another blog, we'll dive into how math and beauty blend, something about Fibonacci and brows, but until then:

Logos: Practicality/Logic

This has to do with your PRACTICAL approach to treating your beauty and skin problems and how/what you use makes sense logically and scientifically with your beauty goals. Some questions to ask: Do I believe in completely stripping the skin and then rebuilding? Do you go with a hydrating only approach? Am I in an environment where I'm able to strip my skin and remain hydrated? Are there any medical reasons I should go with *this approach? There are so many more to ask, and you should look at all of the external and internal factors.

Ethos: Ethics/Morals

Skincare morals includes the steps and sacrifices you are willing to take in order to reach your skincare goals. Do we take the time to buy recyclable? How do you feel about cruelty free products? I know many people who take the steps to make sure the makeup and skincare they buy hasn't been tested on animals, but do we take the time to consider the human labor as well? Are we putting our money back into products that not only help our skin but our immediate community as well? We see a wave of ethical beauty consumption every February for Black history month, and then we get the "why can't we do this all year" flood of tweets. But it's true, this is a core part of the industry that we need to begin to take responsibility for. Don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware its big business and the like three main beauty companies that make up a huge percent of unethical sourcing and waste, BUT, we also have to have hope that our individual actions can still truly make a difference.

Pathos: Emotional Preference

Having a skincare preference doesn't have to just mean preferring lighter moisturizers vs. heavier ones (which actually has to do with logic, like your skin produces more oil and therefore you prefer less oil in products to start). The preference I'm talking about is emotional ones, like how I have some clients who refuse to give up a product because their entire family has used it for generations. There doesn't have to be any practicality behind it, it is as simple as I like having fragrance or I don't. For me, the product packaging must be PINK.

I suggest writing out each section on your own and comparing your current beauty products to what you have. Hopefully, it'll give you a clearer understanding of items to keep and how to build a better relationship with your own beauty journey. Remember the golden rule that should be in every beauty philosophy: Don't forget SPF! #SavesPrettyFaces

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