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So we didn't wash our face last night...

Let's talk about mental health and skincare.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but many of my epiphanies happen late at night "trying to fall asleep" * EYE ROLL* to TikTok. This particular one came from this little gem that hit juuuusssttt a bit too close too home (thanks strangely accurate TikTok algorithm!)

Moral vs Functional Tasks-

Feeling shame for not doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, doing the laundry.... washing your face... hear me out! I feel that skincare can absolutely be categorized as a luxury; if you make it a luxury. The thing is, you will also always have skin to care for and therefore, just like how there will always be something to wipe down, put away or organize, there will also be some part of ourselves that need maintenance too!

So when you are sitting there with a glass of wine in hand late at night and you go to wipe your eyes and realize CRAP I STILL HAVE ON MASCARA! I think we need to realize *Breathe* we are all human and there will always be some part of us that we haven't exfoliated properly or moisturized.

We still need to take off that mascara though, but I'm looking for an "Easy now, I'll do the rest in the morning!" kinda routine, for when I'm truly exhausted. For that I bought a pack of microfiber towels from amazon (Pink of course!) Any plush microfiber, even your pj bottoms in the corner, will get makeup off the skins surface. No it's not the best, but the point is, IT'S SOMETHING! Finish that wine, relax and book an appointment with your local esthetician... she'll figure it out :)

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